Professional profile committee 

This committee develops quality standards for the Data Protection Officer profession. It will continue developing the professional profile of data protection officers to ensure, among other, that technical and legislative developments are taken into account.

The committee passed its first professional profile for data protection officers in 2009. It is now in its fourth edition.

Educational agenda
The committee also passed an educational agenda specifying minimum proficiencies of prospective data protection officers.

Other topics on the committee’s agenda:

  • Personal binding of data protection officers to the professional profile
  • Examinations and certification of data protection officers
  • Vocational law procedures

The Professional profile committee will generally meet every quarter for two days, on Friday and Saturday. The meetings will take place in different places in Germany, in each case at the domicile of a member of the committee.


Please contact Office should you be interested in participating in a committee or should you have questions or suggestions. The Board will approve your membership of the committee. 

Dr. Kai-Uwe Loser (Chairman of the Professional profile committee)
Klaus Mönikes (Deputy Chairman of the Professional profile committee)