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Data Protection Conference publishes short papers on the GDPR

The BayLDA notes on interpretation of the GDPR will be extremely useful to data protection officers in Bavaria, since they offer assistance in answering questions of interpretation and implementation of the GDPR, even if these are conditional upon overall European consensus.

The question of what data protection officers should do when not in Bavaria remains, however – does the Data Protection Conference offer an agreed interpretation? The answer, happy to say, is yes! The Data Protection Conference has to date published three short papers on the topics.

  • Short paper no. 1 – List of processing activities
  • Short paper no. 2 – Supervisory powers / sanctions
  • Short paper no. 3 – Processing personal data for advertising

Data protection officers hereby have another authoritative source of interpretation when offering consultation to responsible bodies and order processors, even under the proviso that these interpretations will be subject to future, possibly different, interpretation by the European Data Protection Commission.

Rudi Kramer, Deputy Chairman  of the BvD

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