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Data Protection Conference publishes new short papers (No. 9-11)

The next three short papers of the Data Protection Conference on the GDPR have been published.

– Short paper No. 9 – Certification (Last updated 15/08/2017)
– Short paper No. 10 – The duty to inform in cases of third party and direct data collection (Last updated 25/08/2017)
– Short paper No. 11 – The right to be forgotten (Last updated 29/08/2017)

All eleven short papers published thus far can be found on the BayLDA website. As usual, the other data protection authorities will also release the new short papers in the days to come.

This is the fourth release of short papers on the GDPR, beginning with the first publication of the first three short papers at the beginning of July 2017 (the other blog posts on short paper publications can be found here and here).

These papers, too, are subject to future – potentially divergent – interpretation by the European Data Protection Committee.

Frank Spaeing

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