Templates for records pursuant to Article 30

Supervisory authority working group agrees on templates for records pursuant to Article 30.

According to information from the BayLDA, German supervisory authorities have agreed in a working group on templates for records pursuant to Article 30 of the GDPR. These templates comprise a version for the controllers record pursuant to Article 30(1) as well as for the processorsrecord pursuant to paragraph (2). For small companies in particular, this information provides practical orientation, particularly when displaying technical and organisational measures. Some sections of the wording additionally contain information for the public sector. Records pursuant to Article 30 can be created by hand or with the aid of software and must be presented at the supervisory authority’s request. They can also be used a basis for documentation. With these templates, the supervisory authorities are helping to bring greater clarity when it comes to interpreting requirements.

Author: Rudi Kramer