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People, data, sensations – Rudi’s digest from the data circus, supplemented by Frank’s encore

A lot is happening in legal development: through announcements by the supervisory authorities, case law, activities of the legislator, publications by competent institutions and law firms or through social discussions. Rudi Kramer and Frank Spaeing compile up-to-date information from these sources in this blog in order to offer orientation and support.

The fact that what the authors read somewhat reminds them of a traveling circus that presents the same amazing or amusing program at different locations, gave rise to the title. The authors make no claim to completeness, nor do they (or the BvD) automatically adopt statements made there by referencing them.

Note: The BvD blog already existed before “People, Data Sensations”. The archive of all BvD blog posts and reports (can be filtered by year of publication) can be found here.