Committee Image of the Data Protection Officer

The data protection officer still has to contend with many unjustified prejudices. His often negative image is shaped by the public perception of him as a “worrier,”a nitpicker” or even an “objector”. This committee is intended to dispel these prejudices. The data privacy officer is to be perceived by companies, supervisory authorities, affected parties and other stakeholders as a trusted partner on the path to the digital world.

Specific goals and areas of action
The committee pursues the following goals:

  • General improvement in the perception of the data privacy officer
  • Establishing the BvD as a continuous discussion partner for politics and business
  • Concrete political goals – for example, with regard to the appointment limit.

The following fields of action result from these goals:

  • The development of white papers and positions
  • Ideas for member recruitment
  • Development of supporting materials for members
  • Image-building measures for the general public
  • Developing educational informational offerings for businesses about the work and value of the protection officer

The Privacy Commissioner Image Committee generally meets four times a year. The meetings take place online due to the current situation.

If you have any suggestions or questions about the image of the data privacy officer or are interested in joining the committee, please contact the office. The Executive Board decides on admission to the committee.

Thomas Spaeing (Head of Data Privacy Officer Image Committee)