Data Protection Media Prize (DAME) into the 2ndround

The BvD e.V. (Association of Data Protection Officers of Germany) offered the first Data Protection Media Prize in 2017.

In order to offer everyone the same opportunity of protecting his personal data in our complex digital world, Data Protection must be clearly explained.The citizens must be aware of the laws and the regulations must be understandable and transparent.The BvD for this reason decided in 2017 to offer a Data Protection Media Prize.This award has the objective of promoting general public interest in the issues of Data Protection.Contributions that present data protection concepts clearly and graphically will be in the running. The Data Protection Media Prize (DAME) will be awarded annually in future.

Movie makers, productions, video producers, youth organisations, media producers, creative individuals, associations and initiatives with short or longer feature or documentary films, video clips or animations have up to 1 November 2018 to enter for the award.


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DAME 2017

The jury comprising data protection experts, media representatives and movie makers adjudicated the contributions based on technical presentation, comprehensibility, target group identification and originality and nominated three of the 25 contributions.

The finalists for the best film on data protection included the awareness movie “Data protection – almost like sex”, the Selfie clip “Social Engineering”and the Video series “Encryption for dummies”.

And the Winner DAME 2017 is …

Social Engineering by Monica Oliveira expounds on the dangers facing the youth should they inadvertently surrender their data to social networks.The short clip was produced for the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SADW).

Data under protection of speciesKevin Lehmann of the consulting platform 18-year-old student from Oldenburg convinced the jury with his own rap production “Data under protection of species” which he also performed live when the event closed.

Data protection – almost like sexby Tom Schildhauer.This animated edutainment film addresses the question of personal data that users daily place in the Internet, often unknowingly – tongue in cheek and with catchy comparisons.

Safe surfing for dummiesby Alexander Lehmann.This 5-part animation series offers low level and clear instructions on how we can all protect our data.This series appeared on an exhibition by the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) Karlsruhe, in “Spiegel Online”and in the ORF[Austrian radio].

Data Protection Media Award (DAME) 2017 Impressions / Pictures:© Dirk Lässig / BvD


Members of the jury:
Birgit Kimmel, Ped. management klicksafe.deLandeszentrale für Medien und Kommunikation (LMK)
Klaus Müller, Chairman of the Board of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzbv)
Frederick Richter, Chairman of the Board Stiftung Datenschutz[Data Protection Foundation]
Thomas Spaeing, Chairman of the Board BvD
Barbara ThielState Commissioner for Data Protection, Lower Saxony


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