“Data Protection at School”

The “Data Protection at School” initiative raises awareness among students nationwide from the 5th grade to vocational school about safe and conscious use of the Internet and social media.

Children and young people have long been using computers, smartphones and tablets as a matter of course. We are therefore particularly concerned to make young people aware of the need for greater security on the Internet.

The initiative “Data Protection at School”, founded in 2009 by the Professional Association of Data Protection Officers in Germany (BvD) e.V. and continued since 2020 by its non-profit company privacy4people, shows students simple ways to better protect their personal data – without having to do without modern forms of communication.

To this end, the initiative has developed awareness lectures specifically for young Internet users in lower and upper secondary schools and for classes at vocational schools. They offer students clear and simple rules of conduct for more safety on the Internet – geared to the lives of children and young people.

Topics include

  • Developing secure passwords
  • Encrypting connections
  • Understanding viruses and Trojans
  • Protecting one’s own privacy
  • Self-expression on the net
  • Recognizing legal boundaries on the Internet

In total, the initiative “Data Protection at School” has reached over 90,000 students nationwide (as of January 2021).

Our instructors

The volunteer instructors are experienced data privacy experts who have undergone training to raise awareness among school classes. The content of the awareness-raising concept is constantly being developed by a team of volunteers to keep it up to date with the latest legal and technical developments.

The events are designed to last 90 minutes. With a lively lecture, video clips and practical examples from everyday life, the lecturers inspire young people nationwide. The students talk about their own experiences and discuss possible solutions together.

For teachers

The 5th updated version of the teacher’s handout provides teachers with materials for independently addressing individual aspects of data privacy in their teaching units. We also offer workshops for teachers to give them more confidence in dealing with the Internet and the like.

For parents

Children and young people are often more savvy about the Internet than their parents. That’s why we offer parents’ evenings where they can find out about risk-free online use. Our instructors give practical tips without unnecessarily raising fears and answer questions about safety and liability risks, among other things.

Free of charge for school classes

The initiative offers awareness-raising events free of charge for school classes. Travel costs may be incurred. For parents’ evenings and teachers’ workshops, we charge a flat rate of € 150.

Regular action days

The initiative regularly holds action days. These are either distributed nationwide (usually on Safer Internet Day) or take place at a school where as many instructors as possible raise awareness among a large number of students over one or more days.