Working Group Medicine

The Medical Working Group currently has around 30 internal and external data privacy officers from hospitals, laboratories, doctors’ practices and other medical facilities or organizations working on medical data privacy issues.

Participants in the working group produce working aids and statements, provide guidance, for example, on hospital information systems, and discuss with experts, among other things, requirements for order processing, requests for patient information, and protected communication in the treatment chain.

The exchange of experiences among the participants also takes on a high priority. Therefore, all participants benefit from the active participation of all.

BvD members who are active in the medical environment, such as in healthcare, insurance, performance auditing, or manufacturers of medical devices and medical software systems, and who basically have experience in the area of data protection in the medical environment, can also become active in the AK Medizin.

You can find existing AK Medizin documents in the margin under Links and Downloads.

NEW: Model AV contract for healthcare has been adapted.

Practical help on requirements for a data protection cockpit: Particularly in the case of sensitive healthcare data, it is essential that data controllers and especially their data protection officers maintain a comprehensive (or: holistic) overview of the processing of healthcare data. This practical aid contains the most important requirements for a data protection cockpit and was developed by members of the three associations GMDS, GDD and BvD.

The AK Medizin meets three times a year, once in Berlin on the fringe of the BvD Association Days. Another day the AK Medizin meets in spring at changing locations, the autumn meeting takes place in a two-day framework.

If you are interested, please contact the speaker team.

Barbara Stöferle (Speaker AK Medicine)
Jan Alkemande (deputy speaker AK Medizin)
Nadja Köhler (deputy speaker AK Medizin)