The Data Protection Officer professional profile

Data protection officers carry great responsibility. They support companies and authorities on their road to digitisation. In this respect they must observe both the basic right to protection of personal data and the needs and development of companies and administrations.

Data protection officers will therefore ensure that no laws are violated and also offer technical expertise and experience to ensure that optimal processes are deployed for safe solutions and the success of all involved.

Data protection officers therefore bring both aspects to bear to decisively contribute to the credibility of companies and administrations. Effective data protection will engender confidence in customers and partners, protect company values and strengthen brands. Data protection will thereby offer important competitive advantages.

These challenges will not be overcome unless the data protection officer has excellent qualifications. Their specialist know-how will include specifically

  • Processes and organisation
  • IT systems and applications
  • Data protection legislation

The BvD is developing concrete demands on the activities and know-how of data protection officers, to bring to bear on the professional profile of the data protection officer. Our members bind themselves to this professional profile and will therefore offer highly qualified specialist consultation.

The BvD will regularly adapt the professional profile to reflect current legal and technical developments. This fourth edition integrates the new requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into the qualifications of data protection officers.