FAQ for GDPR implementation by medical practices

The Baden-Württemberg LfDI [Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information]responds to urgent questions about the implementation of GDPR in medical practices.

The Baden-Württemberg LfDI today responded to the most pressing questions about the implementation of GDPR in medical practices.

Especially since medical practices handle particularly sensitive data on the health of patients on a daily basis, they tend to face many challenges under the data protection law.The need for information is particularly pressing in the case of registered doctors.Existing uncertainties were formerly handled in the course of LfDI BW training by, among other, the Associations of SHI Physicians and of course in consulting practices.

Questions nevertheless keep arising especially in daily implementation; especially the question of mandatory statements of consent or informative notes tend to irk practices. The present question and answer catalogue offers first assistance to medical practices, including patient orientation.

This constitutes the first serve of a dynamic document due to be supplemented soon by further issues from the LfDI BW consulting practice.Comprehensive practical support is in this way offered the health sector to prevent undesirable developments in practices. To the first aid FAQ Questionnaire 

FAQs have already been handled or have arisen in other areas such as Freedom of Information, care or work by associations.Please find these at https://www.baden-wuerttemberg.datenschutz.de/faqs/

Please contact the BfDI BW [Baden-Württemberg Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information]: +49711/615541-0 for queries you may have.For further information on Data Protection please visit www.baden-wuerttemberg.datenschutz.de or www.datenschutz.de.