Olav Seyfarth

A helping hand to small companies and associations

The Bavarian Office for Supervision of Data Protection (again) published documentation to ease initial implementation of GDPR requirements. Focussing this time on small companies and associations.The threshold to even start is particularly high here.

Issues that selected companies such as production operations, accommodation, retailers and medical practitioners should typically address are here clearly shown on one page and explained on another.The authority also includes sample lists for some of the types of company.

Although samples cannot of course take into account the peculiarities of your own company, even small companies no longer have an excuse now …


The central association of German handicraft, among other, also makes available excellent material.In its latest (November 2017) 55-page guideline, the association presents the typical GDPR requirements compacted over 22 pages; the remainder of the document comprises forms and templates.


Please comment, should you be aware of other, similar publications by other associations.

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