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Sample texts for Data Protection Statements

Does your website meet GDPR requirements?  Order processing, record keeping, deletion deadlines, data security in forms and duties to provide information should all be checked.

iX 1/2018 refers to this in an Article.

A starting point to what a data protection statement may look like is offered by generators.See below for two arbitrary examples of such offers: DGDe-recht24. Not to my liking, the formulations are rather legal, not generally comprehensible text and they naturally cannot address specific features of the website.But this is exactly what is important.

I was therefore happy to see, on the website of Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren, a new document with text modules and proposalshe developed together with the DFN [German Research Network]association; in addition to much morematerial, on the GDPR, among other.

My appeal:Enter information relevant to a specific form only directly into that form.In my view, only overarching aspects should appear on the separate “Data protection Statement”page.

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