Looking for an external Data Protection Officer?

We will gladly assist you in finding an external Data Protection Officer.

Appointing an external Data Protection Officer has cost advantages especially for small and medium enterprises and professions such as medical practices or tax consultants.

The BvD keeps a directory of external Data Protection Officers bound by the guiding principles of professional Data Protection Officers. Download herefor assistance with your search.

These external Data Protection Officers will on behalf of companies, associations or professional persons, carry out the tasks required by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) regulations and, as from 25.05.2018, as required by GDPRprovisions.

As professional association of company and official Data Protection Officers, high quality service is paramount to us. All experts listed in the directory are bound by “the guiding principles for professional Data Protection Officers”. The statutory demands in terms of“expertise”and “reliability”of the Data Protection Officer are thus sure to be met.