Start GDPR: “The new regulations will keep us busy for a long time to come.”

BvD experts support companies and authorities with their implementation

Europe is entering a new data protection era with the launch of the General Data Protection Regulation today, Friday, 25 May. Companies, individuals and supervisory authorities still lack legal certainty on some issues, however. The new rules will keep us busy way beyond 25 May, says BvD Chairman of the Board Thomas Spaeing.

According to Spaeing, legal uncertainty exists, among other, in respect of employee data protection and coordination with the ePrivacy Ordinance, likely to be adapted to the GDPR at the end of 2019 only. Media discontinuity regarding duties to inform, e.g. for video surveillance or simple establishment of contacts in business, is also a widely discussed topic.

This is another reason why the BvD hopes that the supervisory authorities will, after launching the GDPR, lend initial support to companies with the implementation of the guidelines, applying sound judgement. The supervisory authorities are aware of the many issues still needing attention, says Spaeing. That is why companies should not see them as enemies but as partners. It is important of course that companies must also be willing to implement the new regulations.

The BvD will offer authorities and companies still seeking professionally skilled data protection experts an overview of external data protection officerscommitted to the guiding principles of professional data protection officers. After the rush of the past months, our members are reporting that they have capacities available again, said Spaeing.

The BvD is also offering updated information on the GDPR on its website