BvD Association Days deliberate on the final steps on data protection and data security

Home straight to the data protection era

Countdown to 25 May: One month prior to launch of the pan-European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), around 200 Data Protection Officers consulted about final preparations with representatives from politics, supervisory authorities, commerce and law. “Many companies are currently panicking since they will be exposed to fines by supervisory authorities unless they are ready by 25 May”, stated Chairman of the Board of the BvD e.V. (Data Protection Officers of Germany), Thomas Spaeing, on conclusion of the BvD Association Days 2018. There was, however, no need for panic in companies, he said. “Supervisory authorities, ministerial departments and administrations will need to continue adapting their systems beyond 25 May.”

On Association Days, internal and external Data Protection Officers discussed individual GDPR issues such as compulsory notification in the event of data protection problems, declarations of consent by consumers, automated complaint systems and handling of obligation to give information. Other topics included the security of personal data, protection of employee data and the pending revision of the ePrivacy Ordinance.

“There are still many areas needing improvement”, stated Spaeing, “not only in companies”. A number of legal clarifications were also still in limbo. “The GDPR will continue keeping us busy far beyond 25 May.”He recommended contacting the regional data protection experts about any uncertainties. They would support companies struggling to cope with the statutory requirements. The BvD office will provide an overview of regional contact persons on request.

The BvD on the evening before presented its first Data Protection Media Award(DAME). The “Social Engineering” video was the winner. Authors Monica Oliveira, Natalia Rasstrigina and Leslie Iseli received the prize of 3 000 Euro for their silent clip “because it touched the viewers emotionally, provided food for thought whilst also offering a solution to potential eavesdropping on Internet and transaction data”, stated Spaeing.

25 productions had entered for the prize and three of these were nominated for the final draw. Apart from “Social Engineering”, these included “Data Protection – almost like sex” by Tom Schildhauer and the 5-part animation series “Safe surfing for dummies”by Alexander Lehmann.

The 500 Euro award “Special prize Youth” was awarded to 18 year-old Kevin Lehmann from Oldenburg, who composed a Rap video “Data under protection of species”especially for the DAME competition and which he performed before an enthusiastic audience that evening.The special prize was donated by EU Initiative “klick safe”. Kevin is a scout of Juuuport, an association offering advice to youngsters finding themselves victims of cyber mobbing.

The Data Protection Media Prize (DAME) will henceforth be awarded annually. The Registration formsare available for download.