A Data Protection DAME

BvD-News Introduces the Jury Members
For the very first time, the BvD is sponsoring an award – the data protection media award, or DAME for short – for explanatory films or videos on the subject of data privacy. Film-makers, production companies, creative minds, associations, youth organisations or action groups who wish to compete for the award must submit their proposals in the form of documentaries, films or video clips by 1 November 2017 at the latest.

The jury will not be looking at how much money went into creating the production, but how clearly and well particular aspects taken from the broad field of data protection are explained. Other criteria include how suitably the target group is addressed and the originality of the way the message is conveyed. Proposals will be judged by a jury of five experienced and committed data protection experts. The award itself will be presented at the BvD Association Day to be held in April next year.

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