Olav Seyfarth

Advisor “Protection of employee data” updated

The Baden-Württemberg State commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has revised his Advisor “Protection of employee data”.

This Advisor, now in its 2nd edition, discusses the challenges of data protection in our working life over 48 pages of text titled “Between commercial and personal dependence and informational self-determination”.

The first part deals, among others, with basic principles, the plethora of regulations and company agreements.Two case studies are included here already.When questions about family relationships, driving licenses, foreign languages or criminal records are justified and when not are dealt with here.The second half outlines typical data protection problems in our occupational workday, including the “Point of view of supervisory authorities”.

My conclusion:Worth reading.The Advisor offers many notes, approaches to solutions and tips for GDPR implementation.

Source:LfDI BW press release