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Data Protection Conference publishes short paper on “Special categories of personal data”

Short paper no.17 – Special categories of personal data

The Data Protection Conference has also now published a Short paper on Special categories of personal data(version 2018-03-27).Find this, among other, at Saxony-Anhalt State Commissioner for Data Protection.

The Data Protection Conference here addresses, among other, the special categories of personal data, the prohibition of processing with reservation of exceptions and the definition of additional data protection requirements, also defining demands on data processing persons.

This is the 9th publication of short papers on the GDPR, starting with the first publication of the first three short papers early in July 2017 (for the other Blog articles on the publication of short papers click herehereherehereherehereand here).

This short paper is also (as described above) subject to future –possibly different –interpretation of the European Data Protection Board.

Author: Frank Spaeing

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